Crisp County Primary School

School Profile

Crisp County Primary School opened its doors as the county's sole primary school in the spring of 2014. It is a state of the art school. CCPS's parent schools were located in dense residential districts. While this was convenient for transportation (walking and riding bikes), students were forced to move from one school to another when their families moved across town.  This inconvenienced student learning.  Merging the schools into one has offered students a greater sense of stability. 

Crisp County Primary School serves approximately 1,039 students in grades Kindergarten through Third grade. One hundred percent of our students receive free lunch through the Choice Program. All classrooms are 21st century equipped with interactive whiteboards, mounted projectors, document cameras, teacher laptops, 1:1 Chromebooks, and iPads.  An Instructional Technology Coach along with a RESA IT consultant train and support our teachers in meaningfully integrating technology into daily lessons. Two academic coaches further support our teachers and staff in providing differentiated learning practices that meet the needs of all students. Our teachers meet collaboratively on a weekly basis to support, encourage, and challenge each other.  Our foremost priority is to support, encourage, and ensure the success of every child.  Our population is 61% African American, 30% white, 4% Hispanic, 3% are two or more races, 1% Asian, and 1% American Indian/Pacific Islander. The Average Daily Attendance for students at CCPS is 94.83%.