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The mission of dual language immersion is to prepare linguistically and culturally competent students who can successfully compete in a complex global economy. In the Crisp County Primary School Dual Language Immersion Program, instruction is divided between two high-quality, creative classrooms: one English and one immersion (target language), with 50 percent of the academic day taught in English and 50 percent in the target language. Students enjoy the advantage of two caring, highly qualified teachers. The English-speaking teacher uses half of the instructional day to teach English Language Arts, literacy, and content area support. The immersion teacher uses the other half of the day to teach math, science, social studies, and target language literacy. Activities are taught in English.

Dual Language Immersion is a way to learn academic content while acquiring another language at the same time. Students in the Dual Immersion Program learn the concepts and skills for the various subject areas while developing the ability to read, write, speak, and listen in another language. Teachers are trained in the use of instructional strategies that promote language learning and academic development.

The program's goals are for the students to develop literacy skills in both English and the target language while attaining a high level of academic achievement at or above their grade level in all content areas and to develop a world cultural sensitivity.

What are the benefits of dual language immersion?

Language Skills

  • Students achieve high proficiency in the immersion language.

  • Immersion students become bilingual and biliterate.

Improved Performance on Standardized Tests

  • Immersion students perform as well as or better than non-immersion students on standardized tests of English and math administered in English.

Enhanced Cognitive Skills

  • Immersion students typically develop greater cognitive flexibility, demonstrating increased attention control, better memory, superior problem-solving skills, and an enhanced understanding of their primary language.

Increased Cultural Sensitivity

  • Immersion students are more aware of and show more positive attitudes toward other cultures and an appreciation of others.

Long Term Benefits

  • Immersion students are better prepared for the global community and job markets where a second language is an asset.

If you have questions, please email Felipe Ricardo at fricardo@crispschools.org. 

Enrollment is only open in the Spring of each year and only available for Kindergarten. Enrollment is first come, first served. The Dual Language Immersion class will roll over to the next grade level each year. 

Check out the infographic below and learn why Multilingualism Matters!

Check out the infographic below and learn why Multilingualism Matters!

Meet the DLI team:

Jessica Oriciago

Jessica Oriciago, Kindergarten

Lindsey Willis, Kindergarten

Lindsey Willis, Kindergarten

Gabby Valencia, 1st grade

Gabby Valencia, 1st grade

Lisa Weldon, 1st grade

Lisa Weldon, 1st grade